Breath Metronome

Scientists estimate that a typical adult at rest breathes 12 to 16 times per minute.   Do you normally breathe faster or slower than this?  Would you feel more relaxed if your breathing were just a little bit slower and more regular?

I invite you to try my new web app, the Breath Metronome:


Set a tempo that works for you using the slider on the bottom of the screen, then gradually begin to synchronize your breathing with the pulsating blue disc.  You may find it useful to start with your normal respiration rate, and after a while slide to the right to go just a little bit slower.  Or you may find that there is a particular rate that helps you go to sleep, relieve anxiety, or achieve a meditative state.

The Breath Metronome is a web project by me, Stephen Gregory, Spring, 2016.  I made it using JavaScript, html5, css3, and Photoshop.  It works in most (not all) late-model browsers, including large screens and small screens.  The animation will be more or less smooth depending on your graphics hardware.

This app is one of a series of “web mandala” interactive animations that I am working on this season.  Watch this space for future developments.

Please contact me if your business would like to commission a similar animation for use on the web or in an interactive digital signage environment.